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 Vicki L Jones ~ Executive Director
PO Box 39671
Baltimore MD 21212

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Bahari Sisters Inc. is a 501c3 organization. 
Contributions are tax deductible for Federal & State income tax purposes. 
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Empowering the Women of Kenya EconomicallySpiritually and Physically 

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Bahari Micro Business Projects ~ Suggested Donation $25 & Up
Provides equipment and supplies for current and start-up businesses.

The Gatina Fund ~ Suggested Donation $25 & Up
Provides tools, equipment and protective garments to the New Twendelee's 
community clean-up and health care initiative.  The group disposes of trash, 
sewage and waste in the Gatina Slum, preventing the spread of disease.

The Bahari Educational Fund ~ Suggested Donation $25 & Up
Provides scholarships and tuition assistance to primary and secondary 
students. Provides scholarships and school equipment to Book Shine School.

Pads With A Purpose (PWAP) ~ Suggested Donation $25 & Up
Provides Afripads reusable sanitary pads to young ladies so they have the 
sanitary items they need to go about their lives, and never miss school during
that time of the month.

The HabiHut Project ~ Goal $15,000 to $25,000  Suggested Donation $100 & up
A HabiHut provides up to 10,000 gallons of filtered water to a community with no access
to clean water

The Emergency Assistance Fund ~  Goal $5,000 Suggested Donation $15 & up 
Provides funds in emergency situations - lack of food, rent, medicine.

Special Gifts

Bahari Medical Supply ~ Suggested Donation $25 & Up
Provides first aid medicines which Bahari Team Leaders can distribute as needed.

Book a Bahari Travel Team Member ~ Suggested Donation $50 & Up 
Donate toward the travel cost of a healthcare provider or team member. 



Travel with Vicki and the Team to Nairobi 
February 13-22, 2017
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Asante Sana ~ Thank You
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