Empowering Kenyan Women
With An Ocean ~  Bahari ~ Between Us

We Still Reach Across
 Bahari Does It Through​​​​
Economic, Educational & HealthCare Initiatives​​​​
Women are Supported, Families and Communities Are Transformed​​​​
Bahari Does It Because
​  There is nothing more rewarding than being welcomed into the lives of women from another culture    
  and hearing their stories and dreams. Bahari grows through friendships with Kenyan women.  
  Converstions aren't much different. Some challenges may be specific to Kenya, but desires are the same....​​
  better lives and a promising future for themselves and their families!
Meet Karen Ogola and her daughter Beryl
Meet Jane Muthoni and her son Brian
Karen is a skilled jewelry designer. With Bahari's support,  she is able to make and sell more jewelry.  Karen and Beryl also started a second hand clothing business.
Jane is an experienced community volunteer who mobilizes women to form micro-finance groups.
She is also a healthcare trainer, working with girls and elderly women in rural communities. Jane leads sanitation projects in slum communities. She is a Bahari Nairobi Team Leader, managing several initiatives. 
Brian's goal is to be a pilot. 
 Click on our HabiHut Video to learn about our Clean Water Project​​

"It's a business for women, controlled by women instead of by slumlords. For me it is life changing, not just clean water, but making them entrepreneurs."  HabiHut Architect Ronald Omyonga
Economic Development
Sanitation - Clean Water
 Knowledge To  Change Lives​​
Bahari provides scholarships, uniforms, books and computer equipment to individual students, as well as scholarships, desks and chairs to Book Shine School. 
A Diploma and a Future! 
Seed monies and on-going support to micro-businesses enable women to provide for their families, educate their children and live stable lives. 


Clean water, sanitation and healthcare are lacking in many Kenyan communities. Our Projects help keep bodies strong!

​Healthy Families!

Vicki L Jones, Bahari's Founder and Executive Director, took a mission trip to Kenya in 2006 that started it all.  She met women with dreams, skills and the determination to make better lives for themselves and their families. Vicki saw an opportunity to become a bridge to empowerment. Bahari, "Ocean" in Swahili, was birthed out of early conversations which grew into friendships and impacted our mission.

Bahari's Board and Advisory Board are comprised of professionals in the areas of Education, Medicine, Business,  Law, and Foreign Outreach.  Dedicated volunteers have expertise in Social Media, Photography, and Data Base Management. Bahari has established a relationship with the Kenyan Christian Fellowship in America Baltimore Chapter. 

NEW projects!
BeeHari  ~ Women becoming beekeepers and selling honey and other products!

PWAP Pads With A Purpose ~ We've
partnered with Afripads to supply
girls with resusable sanitary products. 
"A monthly challenge, a sustainable solution."
Our Board meets quarterly to discuss current and future projects and to allocate funds. We work closely with Bahari Nairobi Team members, Kenyan women who are instumental in helping us implement current and future projects. Ms Jones travels to Nairobi on a regular basis to assess program outcomes. 
It's Time For Sisters StateSide3 ~ Support From Your HomeFront!

                                    Last Year Our Supporters Danced, Dined and Donated!

                                                For 2017 We "Invite" You to Stay In!!!
                           Support Us from the Comfort of Your Chair, Car or Cubicle
                         From Monday October 23, 2017 thru Saturday October 28, 2017
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Be a Early Bird $100 Supporter  (before October 23rd) & Receive a Tee Shirt or Tote Bag with Our New Logo 
Mail Your Gift To:
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You'll Help Bahari Provide
 $15,000              A HabiHut Water Filtration Kiosk w/10,000 gallons of filtered water for a community
     2,000              BeeHari  Project Start-Up Costs - Structures, Bee Harvesting, Hives & Installation
        500               AfriPads Sanitary Items for 100 Girls for 1 Month
        200               1 Full Year Scholarship & Uniforms for 1 Book Shine School Student
        100               1 Month of Tools & Supplies for the Gatina Slum Community Clean-Up Project
          50                Beans & Rice to Feed a Family of 5 for 2 Weeks
          30                BahariAid - Mosquito Nets, First Aid Supplies, Emergency Food & Housing Assistance
Your Best Gift     Will Go To The Project In Most Need
Thank you for your past support of Bahari's projects. Our Board takes seriously the management of your donations, and we assure you that funds are allocated in a fiscally responsible manner. 
Asante Sana,